Vision Foundations

Our long-held cultural and societal values serve as guiding foundations for Ihya Libya Vision 2030 and are crucial to the implementation of all programs.

Rediscovering Our Rich Cultural and Societal Values


We are a nation that is proud of its spiritual, cultural, and social heritage


We are an active member of the international community with the courage to engage positively with the global community

Human & Community Rights

We are a nation that safeguards the civil, political, economic, and social rights of every citizen

Gender Empowerment

We are a nation where women thrive and participate equally in economic, social, and political life

Youth Empowerment

We are a nation where youth are empowered to shape the future that they will be tasked with leading

Veteran Inclusion

We are a nation that assists those who selflessly risked their lives in the Revolution with the support they need to reintegrate back into society

Disability Rights

We are a nation that ensures its disabled citizens receive equitable economic, social, and political opportunities

Science, Technology, & Innovation

We are a nation that contributes to global scientific and technological innovation

Human Resources Development

We are a nation that values human development and supports lifelong learning

Public Sector Excellence

We are a nation with a government that is citizen-focused and performance-oriented