Improving governance is essential to attaining the goals articulated in Ihya Libya Vision 2030 and establishing a stable and well-functioning nation.


Without establishing a peaceful society, Libya’s political, human, and economic development will continue to be stalled by conflict.


The large role the government plays in the economy, weak public institutions, and regulatory deficiencies have led to barriers for private sector development.


Libya’s transformation journey from stabilization to growth requires a just, cohesive, and safe society that provides opportunities and a high standard of living for all.

Let’s build a stable, democratic and prosperous Libya

A Plan for Change by 2030

Ihya Libya Vision 2030 advances a shared national vision for immediate change.

Vision Foundations

Our long-held cultural and societal values serve as foundations for positive change.

Development Pillars

Ihya Libya Vision 2030 is based on four or our key areas for national transformation.

Transformation Projects

Transformation projects are key initiatives that will create and catalyze change.

Benghazi Forum: Outcomes of the 1st Meeting of the Libyan Forum for Movements and Parties

15 leading Libyan political movements and parties issued a joint statement at the end of their meeting in Benghazi on Saturday 19 June 2021, after holding extensive rounds of discussions on the upcoming December elections and key issues undermining progress in Libya. The joint statement said that the only way out of the crisis in the country was through direct Presidential and Parliamentary elections.

The joint statement said they had followed “the repercussions of the current scene of the violation of Libyan sovereignty and foreign military interventions, and the disruption in the implementation of the military, economic and political agreements.” The consortium demanded the “withdrawal of all foreign troops present on Libyan soil to enable the Libyan people to express their free will in choosing their governing institutions that will lead the country to the permanent stage through the implementation of a permanent constitution.”


Statement on the Results of the Libyan Political Dialogue and the December 24, 2021 Elections in Libya

Creating Change for a Better Future

By the year 2030, Libya can be a stable, democratic, and prosperous nation where citizens enjoy a high standard of living. However, we must overcome several challenges.