Statement of the Ihya Libya Movement Regarding the Elections for the Presidency of the State Council and the Outputs of the 6 + 6 Committee

August 7, 2023

The Ihya Libya (Reviving Libya) movement congratulates the new Presidency of the High Council of State, and values ​​the democratic choice and the smooth and peaceful handover of power. We note, however, that this democratic process would have been more complete with the presence of the absent bloc of elected members in 2012 (Block 94), which was marginalized and unfortunately punished for its smooth handover of power in 2014. We also welcome the outputs of the 6 + 6 Committee, and we stress the importance of this Committee’s cooperation with the UN Mission to ensure international recognition and the effectiveness of its outputs. We recall here three important points:

  • The 6+6 Committee has a stand-alone legal status and is independent by law, through Amendment 13 of the Constitutional Declaration.
  • The 6+6 Committee has the exclusive right to view the proposals of the UN technical Mission, and to make the amendments it deems appropriate, to ensure the support of the UN Mission and the international community.
  • The final outputs of the 6+6 Committee are binding, without the need to refer to the legislative body, which is the Parliament, or to the advisory body, which is the High Council of State.
  • Constitutional Amendment No.13 stated that the final outputs are issued by the House of Representatives, but this issuance is protocol, and the Presidency of the House of Representatives can do it without going back to the Assembly.

It has become clear to everyone that the statements of the current government in Tripoli, which has lost the confidence of Parliament, regarding its support for Presidential and Parliamentary elections, are statements that lack credibility, until the head of that government takes one of the following two steps:
1) Hand over power to the deputy who can prepare for the elections if the Prime Minister wishes to run for the next elections; or 2) announce his withdrawal from running for the Presidency, as per the commitment he made at the Political Agreement in Geneva not to run for the Presidency, and take concrete practical steps to hold the elections according to a clear, short-term timeframe.

But if this government continues to cling to power, and to use the resources of the Libyan people to finance all sorts of delaying tactics, then it is necessary to form a focused caretaker government to serve the people and the country, whose focus shall be only to provide the necessary services, and prepare for the Presidential and Parliamentary elections urgently.

As the Ihya Libya movement clarifies these points, it hopes that they will be taken into consideration before the Parliament sessions announced this week.

May God grant everyone success to serve the servants and the country

God save Libya

Ihya Libya (Reviving Libya) Movement
August 7, 2023