Statement by the Ihya Libya (Reviving Libya) Movement, Regarding the UN SC Briefing

August 22, 2023

The Ihya Libya Movement extends its sincere thanks and appreciation to the UN Special Envoy, His Excellency Mr. Abdallah Bathily, and to the esteemed Representatives of the Member States of the Security Council, for respecting the will of the Libyan people, which was expressed by 2.8 of the Libyan male and female voters, through the insistence of the Envoy and the Representatives of Member states on:

  1. Urgently holding presidential and parliamentary elections.
  2. The necessity of forming a new government that focuses on preparing for such sought simultaneous elections.

As we announced in our previous statement of July 25, 2023, regarding (the formation of a new government), the (Libya Revival Movement) nominated the name of (Dr. Aref Ali Nayed) to form this small government, focused on preparing for the elections. We have already started, since our previous statement, intensive consultations with Libyan sovereign institutions, political, civil, and societal stakeholders, in the east, west, and south, in order to form a small and balanced team of technocrats, capable of unifying and enforcing the national will, towards urgent, simultaneous, fair, and successful presidential and parliamentary election

May God grace us with success.

Ihya Libya (Reviving Libya) Movement
August 22, 2023

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