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Press Briefing | On the Final Preparations for Holding Presidential and Parliamentary General Elections in Libya

October 13, 2021

Libyan political parties, movements and organizations as well as civil society and national democratization gatherings, hereby, express their appreciation for the sincere efforts exerted at the national, regional and international levels towards holding pan-Libya direct Presidential and Parliamentary elections on 24 December,  2021, and welcome the issuance of the necessary legislation for implementing this national entitlement.

In this context, the national political parties, movements and organizations commend the growing awareness among the Libyan people of the necessity of holding the elections on time to achieve security and stability and restore Libya’s status in the international community and preserve its national sovereignty.

With the ongoing momentum of continuous support from brotherly and friendly countries, we affirm the following:

(1)- Libyan national parties and movements are looking forward that the meeting of friendly and brotherly countries, which will be held this month, will enhance stability and constitute an added value to the efforts to respect the implementation of the entitlement of holding the direct Presidential and Parliamentary elections on their stipulated date on 24 December, 2021.

(2)- We highly appreciate the efforts of the international community aimed at helping the Libyan people out of this crisis, and we call on the participants in the Paris Conference on Libya, which will be held next November, to make sure that the elections are held on their scheduled date, take firm measures against all obstructionists, and ensure respect for the election results by all stakeholders.

(3)- We draw everyone’s kind attention that failure to fulfill these entitlements will have dire repercussions the results of which will be beyond control.

May God Save Libya


1 Civil Democratic Party 2 Ihya Libya Movement
3 Center National Party 4 National Forces Alliance
5 National Will Gathering 6 National Movement Party
7 Youth Tomorrow Party 8 National Movement for Libya
9 Who Are We Movement 10 Libya Elects its President Movement
11 December 24 Movement 12 Derna Women’s Union
13 Libyan Network for Supporting and Empowering Women 14 Together for the Homeland Gathering