Nayed communicates with National, Regional and International Stakeholders, Confirming Path to Presidential and Parliamentary Elections

August 27, 2023

Dr. Aref Nayed, Chairman of the Ihya Libya (Reviving Libya) movement, communicated with several national, regional, and international stakeholders, regarding confirming, activating, and accelerating consensus on the following path:

  1. The 6+6 Committee—which is constitutionally fortified—urgently completes its work, taking into account the technical observations of the UN Mission, the Electoral Commission, the Parliament, and the High Council of State, and submitting its final, binding decisions (according to Amendment 13 of the Constitutional Declaration), to the Presidency of the House of Representatives in order to issue it, without the need for a session.

  2. To start implementing the procedures for forming the new executive authority, immediately after the issuance of outputs of the 6+6 Committee, and allowing applications for candidacy to head a new caretaker government, whose work will focus on preparing and implementing simultaneous, urgent, and fair Presidential and Parliamentary elections.
  3. Clarification and media support for consensus on these steps, which became evident in the last session of the Security Council regarding Libya, in the face of systematic media misinformation, which misrepresents UN statements, and falsely suggests the completion of various special-interests deals to prolong the life of the government—a government which has lost confidence and credibility, and which has breached all its commitments in Geneva, and considered them “only moral” commitments, although they are moral and legal commitments that are binding, according to Libyan and international law, and a host of binding Security Council resolutions.

In conclusion, the Ihya Libya movement extends its sincere thanks and appreciation to all national, regional and international stakeholders for their unanimity and insistence on these steps, especially the national stakeholders who refuse to sell their integrity and that of the homeland, and sincerely insist on the path towards simultaneous and fair Presidential and Parliamentary elections, without delay or procrastination.

We are honored to continue intensive consultations with all patriots in all cities of Libya, and to coordinate with them to implement the will of the Libyan people, through electoral process, the only source of true legitimacy in our country.

God grants success

Ihya Libya Movement
August 27, 2023